Saturday, 3 May 2014

New members of the Greenstaff.

Following the departures of Aaron and Tom, the club have been looking for replacement staff to join the greens team at Hopwood.

Our first new team member is Gareth Callaghan. 
Gareth has worked at Didsbury, Chorlton and The Mere. He has been in the greenkeeping/turf industry for over 8 years.

Our next new member of staff is Arran Leach.
Arran has worked at Greenmount GC since he left school 7 years ago. He is a keen golfer with a 12 handicap.

It has been the clubs policy for a number of years to employ casual greenstaff on the course in the summer months. We have decided this year to employ a Greenkeeping Apprentice, to help introduce a newcomer to the turf industry.
Sam Greenhalgh applied and started with us after Easter. Some of you may recognize him as he is also a member of the club and a regular in club competitions.

We welcome all the new lads to Hopwood and hope they enjoy their time here. Please say hello when you see them out on the course.