Friday, 10 June 2016

Weekend Update.

Well what a fantastic spell of weather, much better than the week I had in Italy!! But on my return (Wednesday) the predicted thunder storms arrived and devastated the course. At its peak, rain was falling at an hourly rate of 138.8mm/hr!!
The course apart from the paths and bunkers stood up to it amazingly well, with hardly any standing water 4 hours after the rain. 
Aside from the storm, the course has come on very well. The greens have still suffered from the seasonal seeding of the meadow grass, but hopefully, this will soon be less of a problem. To further combat this the height of cut has been reduced to help remove the uneven growth.
Extra areas of rough have been cut back to speed up play and lots of other areas have been tidied. 
There are still some outstanding jobs, but due to running 2 staff light at the moment, it may take some time to fully catch up. 
Next week will see us preparing for the Hulbert Trophy, with a light scarification and top-dressing to fine tune the surfaces. 
Fingers crossed for a quiet weather weekend.

Mark & the Greens team.