Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter wekend update.

Another busy week.
The construction work on the 5th is now completed. The dip has been seeded and the remaining area will be raked off and seeded early next week. The small depression on the L/H side has been dug out due to the discovery of viable land drains running into it. This should turn into a nice feature thru the year. Pond in winter, wetland during the summer.
The whole area will be G.U.R. for the start of the season. Please take a free drop on the left of the seeded area.
The fairway and semi aeration work is almost complete, with only 2 fairways to finish.
The greens recieved an application of granular fertiliser on Monday and was washed in using the irrigation system which was commisioned on the same day. We don't like using the system this early in the year as it keeps soil temperatures down. But we needed to break the granules down for them to be absorbed into the turf.
We have cut many areas of the course in preparation for the Easter weekend including some alterations to the 14th fairway. The aim is to move the fairway left to create a sharper dog-leg.
Next week we hope to install a temporary path to the Ladies 1st tee. The aim of this is to send all traffic onto the 1st tees from the R/H side, making the steep path near the starters hut redundant.
Fingers crossed for a good weekend.

Mark & the Greens team.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Weekend update

Extremely busy week on the course, especially due to some of the staff using the last of their holidays.

The cold dry weather has really dried things up, to the extent that we have had to water some of the new bunker turf. It's the northerly winds which really reduce moisture levels in the soil.
With the conditions, we've been able to move materials around the course easily. The remaining renovated bunkers have been topped up with sand. Some may still need more, but that will happen over the next few weeks.
The alterations to the 5th carry are nearing completion, with just the spreading of the top soil & seeding to finish. I'm sure you'll agree, its a great improvement to the playability of the hole without altering the character of the area.
The aeration work to the fairways will be finished next week and we will move onto some areas of semi & rough.
The greens received another dressing of sand and also 2 passes with the turf iron. They were also hand cut.

The tee blocks have been cleaned and had some fresh stone as have the steps & benches.

Next week, we will apply some granular fertiliser to the greens and maybe some water to wash it in.  The tees will see receive some aeration and a top-dressing.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mark & the Greens team.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Weekly Update

Not the best week for the greens team, the course was drying out really nicely until 2 days of rain, snow and hail. All the work we had completed on topping up and moving sand in the bunkers has been washed away. 
All the turfing is now completed on the renovated bunkers and next week should see some shape cut into many of them, depending on rooting. They will then get some new sand in them, weather permitting. Ground conditions have deteriorated and moving materials around the course is nigh on impossible at the moment.
We did manage to apply some liquid nutrients to the greens on Monday, which has coloured them up nicely. The plan is to iron them tomorrow (Friday) ready for the weekend.
We have also started the major work to re-profile the carry area on the 5th hole. This will involve some major drainage work and earth moving. The greens committee were really determined to complete this work before the start of the season. The major work will be completed next week but recovery will take a little longer.

Fingers crossed for a dry weekend.

Mark & the Greens team.