Thursday, 20 October 2016

Weekend Update and Legislation news.

A difficult week, with weather conditions limiting the preparation of the greens. Its not easy dealing with wet sand.

We have managed to iron and brush the surfaces as well as putting small amounts of sand on to try and fill any remaining tine holes. The heavy rain at the start of the week certainly softened the surfaces as well as washing sand down the tine holes. We have also put on some liquid nutrient which included some elements to help ward off disease, but covering the surfaces with sand does provide the perfect breeding ground for Fusarium Patch. I think now the soil temperatures have dropped, recovery from the renovation work will be slow. This is a major problem when carrying out the work so late in the season.
I will be applying a granular feed next week to try and push the recovery forward, so fingers crossed for no frost.
The area next to the 1st Ladies tee has seen some deep drainage work carried out. This is to cure the persistent wet area and make may for some planned alterations to the Teeing grounds and paths.
We have also started some re-profiling work at the back of the 1st green, this will allow safer access for buggies in the winter months.

Good luck in the Winter League.

Mark & the Greens team.

Last year the Environmental Agency withdrew the license for all chemicals used in the control of Leather-jackets (Crane fly larvae). No other chemicals are currently available for the eradication of these troublesome pests. Luckily, we have not had an outbreak this year, but how this will impact on the course in the future we do not know.
To add to our worries, they have announced that in August 2017 they will remove the license for Carbendazim (earth worm suppressant). Currently, they're are no alternative treatments available. These restrictions will have massive implications for Sports Turf in the future. Any new chemicals which become available will no doubt be prohibitively expensive.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is something golfers must be made aware off.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Friday, 14 October 2016

Weekend Update

A really busy week for all the team carrying out the essential renovation on the greens. 
We started on Sunday night, deep tining (400mm x 20mm) to relieve the deep compaction. We followed this with 75mm x 12mm hollow tines to remove any thatch and fibrous material. We then over-seeded the greens with a mixture of bent grasses to improve the quality of the sward. The greens then received repeated pure sand dressings which were worked into the holes with a brush & dragmat. Weather conditions have to be perfect to achieve this and luckily the afternoons have been dry and bright.
We have cut new holes and ironed and brushed the surfaces prior to the weekend. All we now need is some rain to help wash the sand in.
The greens will be sprayed with a nutrient cocktail early next week and will continue to be ironed and brushed to improve the surfaces.
Thanks for your patience while this work is completed, hopefully, this work will provide drier and firmer surfaces thru the winter months.

Mark & the Greens team.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Weekend Update & future work.

Another busy week cutting and using the good weather to prolong the season.
The greens have been treated to more Air2G2 work, which has highlighted some areas of shallow rooting. This, untreated could present many problems in the future, but back to that later.
We have finally managed to scarify the rough areas treated with "Rescue". The dead grass has been ripped out, leaving the recovering fine species. This (with more treatments) should leave a finer sward, which will give a much improved playing experience.
The winter greens have been cut out and marked as G.U.R. Holes have been cut in them and top-dressing and cutting will continue over the coming months. The aim, as always is to keep their use to an absolute minimum. But as you know, this is entirely weather dependent.

Next week we will be carrying out the much needed greens renovation work. It seems as though the weather gods have smiled on us, as the forecast is for a continuing dry spell, which will improve the chances of the work being successful.
We will start on Sunday afternoon with a deep tining (400mm) of the greens. Followed by hollow-tining (12mm diameter x 75mm deep), over-seeding and a heavy sand top-dressing. The aim is to fill the hollow-tine holes with sand to provide channels through the top layer and improve surface drainage. This will be followed by ironing and a liquid feed application. 
There will be disruption to play and winter greens will be in use while this essential work is completed. Please be patient during this time.
Enjoy the course & sunshine.

Mark & the Greens team.