Friday, 1 April 2016

Weekend Update

A horrible week on the course with the Easter weekend weather playing havoc with the course. It was even closed for a few hours on Monday morning.
The introduction of Summer rules on Good Friday led to widespread traffic damage throughout the course. With this in mind, I have restored winter routes for all buggies.
The start of this short week saw us repairing damage and tidying areas ahead of the upcoming Captains Drive-in. Some bunker work is still outstanding, due to the difficulties we have had moving around the course and the proposed work to the 1st tee path will have to wait til next week also.
The fairway aeration work will be finished next week and then we can concentrate on scarifying the fairways & approaches.
The greens have softened slightly following the rain, so I managed to apply some compost tea & Roca-stem to help firm them up.
I cut the greens on Thursday morning and started counting pitchmarks. By the time I got to the 8th green I had counted over 100 unrepaired pitchmarks, so I stopped counting. Next time you play and notice some bumps, please think of the part you all have to play in maintaining our surfaces.
Copy & paste the following link for more info.
They have been ironed to restore some smoothness.
Next week, we start some renovation work on the greens. Deep scariying, top-dressing and over-seeding will take up to 3 days. Lets hope the weather warms up to aid recovery.

Fingers crossed for a good weekend & enjoy the Captains Drive-in.

Mark & the Greens team.

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