Friday, 15 July 2016

Weekend Update.

A busy week which has been badly affected by the weather. 
The usual full bunker maintenance was completed, but some of the bunkers will need more work due to the wet conditions. The greens have been top-dressed, but again this was impacted on by the wet conditions. 
We have scarified the R/H side of the 15th & 17th holes to extend the semi-rough. The areas have been cut, but it will take a few weeks for them to blend in.
The greens have once again had the Air2G2 machine over them, and hopefully this will prevent the surfaces softening over the coming weeks.
We will continue to scarify areas of rough to keep these areas under control.
Next week, we hope to scarify the tees as some have developed stalky growth.  The tee banks will also receive a full cut & tidy.

Enjoy your golf this weekend.

Mark & the Greens team.

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